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Politics and Money

Political Analysis

I analyzed the presidential campaign of governor Mitt Romney; Mitt Romney campaign is one, which is gaining political support and momentum in the upcoming presidential primaries. His advertisements do provide all three of the things necessary to a compelling argument. As a republican candidate his appeal to ethos is done primarily by his commercial stating that he solves problems which were thought be impossible, he saved the Olympics, is known as a business legend and that he is a Republican governor who turned around a Democratic state. The last statement really pushes the authority into the minds of viewers because it appeals to both democrats and republicans. The last statement says to the people that he can get democrats to become republicans and make a state function in a cohesive manor. The advertisements appeal to pathos comes in to forms words and music. The music played in the background gives a patriotic feel to the message that Mitt Romney is trying give. The other form of appeal to the element pathos is through fear. Mitt Romney invokes fear in us by saying that we are being attacked by the Jihad and the Asian economies which threaten the United Sates, that our Government is spending to much which could overall end in our downfall and that to many of our schools are failing children. Theses things said one after another gives a feeling of fear and terror about the way in which are country is headed, but then Mitt Romney says that he can change all of that. Romney’s final appeal is the element of logs and this done through his speech about how laws should be written by the people and not by unelected judges and that he will work to make this a free American were the people are truly free. Overall I think the advertisement was fairly good and well worded and executed.

Economical Analysis

I chose to write my blog on the current turmoil, which is occurring the American economy. Few days ago the markets hit their lowest point in more than ten years, this drop in monetary values and a slowing economy are all caused by one thing. This drop is caused by war its as simple as that. Almost all wars in the last century of American history have been followed by a small or deep recession or depression. A previous example would be during the first gulf war when George Bush senior was in office. Following the end of that war their was dip in the American economy, which was the last recession. The American economy is a juggernaut which previously controlled all other world economies, which is primarily why the worlds most used currency was previously the US dollar. This is beginning to change at the current pace were headed, it is speculated that London, England will be the Center of all the worlds financial markets and that the British pound will be the foremost currency in the world market. If we do not control this crisis then surely it will be the downfall of the American way of life.

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