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Todays Discussion

In today’s class discussion we discussed the needs of the less fortunate. We asked ourselves whether we would give a dollar to a homeless person. I myself would not give a dollar to a homeless person primarily because it is just not worth it. The California homeless Coalition reports that one in every five [...]

Politics and Money

Political Analysis

I analyzed the presidential campaign of governor Mitt Romney; Mitt Romney campaign is one, which is gaining political support and momentum in the upcoming presidential primaries. His advertisements do provide all three of the things necessary to a compelling argument. As a republican candidate his appeal to ethos is done primarily by his commercial [...]

Ethos Logos and Pathos

1. Authority- is a sense of control, which does not actually have to have control but the image of control. Authority is built up of trust, which is given to the writer through the belief that the writer is confident and has a higher understanding of the subject matter.

Emotion- are the thoughts and feeling, which are [...]

Michael Crichton Thoughts on Religion

Part 1

1. A claim is a statement made which asserts a certain point.

2. Support is the backing or push behind something. In regards to a claim support is the evidence, which substantiates the claim.

3. Evidence is information, which corroborates the statements made through the claim.

4. Explanation- a method in which you give a reason behind evidence or to make [...]

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