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Famous and project Ideas

My blog this week is about Steve. Steve you may or may not know was the former stage handler for the Jerry Springer show. When the show aired Mr. Springfield would bring up provocative and disturbing issues about family affairs and many other topics. On countless occasions fights would break up and Steve would be [...]

The issue I would like to talk about is the recent theft of several artworks made by some historically significant artists. But in today’s ever growing digital technology I think its still good to see that stupid people are still stealing things. It seems like today we worry about identity theft and cyber crime and [...]


One current event, which has caught my attention, is the current investigation into the Pfizer commercial sponsoring Lipitor. Dr. Robert Jarvik creator of the artificial heart endorses the commercial for Lipitor. You’ve all undoubtedly heard one of Dr. Jarvik’s commercial endorsing Lipitor as the drug of choice and showing him perform rigorous activity which gives [...]