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Ethos Logos and Pathos

1. Authority- is a sense of control, which does not actually have to have control but the image of control. Authority is built up of trust, which is given to the writer through the belief that the writer is confident and has a higher understanding of the subject matter.

Emotion- are the thoughts and feeling, which are revealed when something invokes drastic feelings. All people share emotions, they allow us to connect with one another through feeling we have.

Logic- the mental reasoning which uses evidence and explanations to careful reach decisions. Logic is the thought process we use to make decisions and is comprised of emotions and ethics.

2. To appeal to the readers trust in authority uses statistical data and evidence uncovered through research. Authority is added through confidence. Once the reader trusts you as an authority figure.

3. A good way to appeal to the reader’s emotions is by making a connection and sympathizing with the audience’s values, beliefs and worldviews. If you are an advocate for better gun control laws, a good way to appeal to the audiences is by providing a connection with the audience by giving them information about the deaths of underage children by improper gun control.

4. Using a heavy emotional appeal sometimes makes the audience forget about the argument or claim at hand. An example would be if you were trying to advocate relief for world hunger, by showing a person dying of starvation.

5. A way you can use logos to build a strong argument is by appealing to the audience’s intelligence. Logos can be used to provide a reasonable argument by providing evidence and specialized kinds of explanations. Logos is very important in an argument due it being attached to emotion and authority and logic is the glue, which holds the other two appeals.

6. No, ethos, logos and pathos they are not separate from each other. By appealing to the emotions of the audience it allows them to emotionally invest in the argument. By appealing to the authority, it allows the audience to believe there is a sense of authority, which causes them to have confidence in you authority on the subject matter. Appealing to the audience’s logic allows you to control the way in which they reach decisions. If the audience believes in the authority of the writer they will listen, if they believe in the emotional appeal they will care and if the confide and believe then they will agree with the logic.

Essay Analysis

The Perfect Body Could Be Detrimental to Our Health

Colin Milner

In The Perfect Body Could Be Detrimental to Our Health the author uses a combination of the three appeals in an eloquent manner, which allows the writer to approach the audience and challenge their preconceived notions. The writer argues the point that everyone ages and the focus shouldn’t be to change our physical appearance but to change our inner health. The essay uses ethos, logos and pathos to change the decision the audiences make on matters of the body.

The writer use of ethos comes in the form of providing statistical data about the belief of Americans age 50 and older on anti-aging products. The use of statistical data in this essay allows the writer to make the claim that most Americans are willing to consider the use of some sort of anti-aging product. This use of statistical data makes the reader believe that the writer has superior knowledge of the subject matter and therefore it allows the audience to have confidence in the writer’s authority.

The writer’s use of pathos is done through the appeal to the emotions of the audience by giving the image of obese people who try dangerous surgeries and can possibly die from it, just because they want to seem healthy.

Making the statement “We can have a great exterior but still develop heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes, and depression” makes the writers appeal to logos very effective. The statement approaches the audience’s logic by saying that though you can try and seem healthy by trying to seem younger your still not younger and are able to develop disease that can kill you.

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