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Todays Discussion

In today’s class discussion we discussed the needs of the less fortunate. We asked ourselves whether we would give a dollar to a homeless person. I myself would not give a dollar to a homeless person primarily because it is just not worth it. The California homeless Coalition reports that one in every five of the homeless suffers from a severe mental disorder. These disorders range from Alzheimer’s to schizophrenia. Having one of theses disease causes a person to become paranoid and delusional and create hallucinations. By chance what if you were to try and help a homeless person by giving a dollar and intern he or she were to attack you. You would be putting yourself under a great deal of risk, just to give someone a dollar. I also wouldn’t give one of the homeless money because I don’t trust them, it is reported by the CHC that close to 66 percent of homeless people suffer from some form of addiction. These numbers provide us further proof to the skepticism and concern we have when we reads the signs of homeless people begging for money so they can buy food, when really they probably want to buy liquor or some kind of drug. My greatest reason for not giving a dollar to a homeless person is because I don’t believe them. I once saw an entire family on the corner of a street were a father held a sign begging for money to help feed his family, seeing this my fried rolled down her window and offered a few dollars to the man. The next day we went to eat at a local restaurant, and there we saw the same family out of their ragged clothes and with clean faces eating dinner with four other people. He even paid for the entire meal. This display of betrayl and deceit has caused me to not allow myself to give them any money for whatever reason. Don’t take my skepticism fear as me being cold hearted or even heartless, I have just been burned so many times I refuse to stick my hand back into the unknown to only be burned again. I instead donate through web pages that are being sponsored by a state or that of the national government. I don’t like being deceived and I would much rather give twenty dollars instead of just a dollar if I just new it was getting into the right hands.

Americas Greatest Hit

For this blog I chose to write about a television program, which I have been trying to pitch for many years. The creative thought behind the show is that American culture is built around people getting hurt, as American we love to see people get hurt. This would explain all the great deal of support that boxing, UFC and wrestling. The shows name would be face punchers we pick a certain number of people and ask them if they will sign an agreement to be punched into the face for a sum of five thousand dollars at time of punch. The catch is that the punch can come at anytime. My idea for the first victim is for him to be punched while he’s ordering food, we wait for him to order some food preferably Chinese’s. Then we send in and Asian American employee to go in and give the victim his food and when the victim goes into reach for the correct amount of money we punch him. Imagine the laughter and hysteria, which would surround the show. Everyone would want to be on the show. Of course we would make sure the punch would not hurt the person very much. So the first season of the show would be the punchings of random people then we gear the second season to punching low level actors of which the everyday audience has herd very little of, this would definitely cause their careers to shoot up. The actors would probably get more money but the show would still make a great deal of profit from the blitz of advertisers. At the end of the second season we would pick a somewhat known political figure and then have him punched in the face but we wouldn’t tell him and we would build this episode up so much that the ratings would go though the roof. Regrettably this would probably be the end of the show but man what a ride it would have been. So the question you should ask yourself is, would y

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