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Famous and project Ideas

My blog this week is about Steve. Steve you may or may not know was the former stage handler for the Jerry Springer show. When the show aired Mr. Springfield would bring up provocative and disturbing issues about family affairs and many other topics. On countless occasions fights would break up and Steve would be called on to break it up. He would battle drug users, obese men and women and prostitutes. He always broke of the fight no matter how large or how small the person. You didn’t watch Jerry Springer to hear someone complain about his or her lives you did watch in the hopes Steve would be called and would have to fight someone. Steve is the reason shows like Jerry Springer became popular. Steve was a testament to the original reality television. Since the decline of the Jerry Springer show many other shows have claimed the spotlight. But I would like to make a memory of Steve and his legacy by creating a video game. In the video game Steve will be the main character and protagonist. He will challenge everything from obese men and women to drug users who gain special abilities because of their use. Steve will have to protect the image of the show by fighting these villains. In each level he will face many different characters. This may seem of the charts but the purpose of this game is to pay homage to a great man who was an original
character of reality tv.

My idea for project 2 is to discuss the ethics of journalism. today we see a great deal of misappropriation of funds and political scandals but some how the media fails to report these things. The question is are they failing or just not trying. My research has shown that many of the major media circuits do not research hard hitting stories to sell their newspapers and their magazines, instead they save money and regurgitate the same information the government is presenting us. so when we hear the government say something we don’t believe, but when we hear the media say it we believe them because they have had a previous history of presenting us the truth. But in the last several years this has been happening less and less. Some attribute this decline in representation t the current administration, but others say that its purely from a business perspective. By just repeating the government reports and statements they no longer need to investigate and pay large amounts of personnel to find hard hitting news. One you start thinking economically instead of ethically, it changes everything.

How do you feel about Stephen in the beginning of the movie? How does he interact with his coworkers, and what do his coworkers think of him? What do you think of him as he’s telling his coworkers the story about the hacker?
When the movie first introduces Mr. Glass I feel, as though, he is an inspiring writer who can even make the dullest story attractive. He interacts with his coworkers in a fluid way he knows a great deal of them but when the attention of the conversation changes to him he some how manages to wiggle is way out of it. I think he gets a real satisfaction from his work and he is very concise and descriptive of the situation.

Would you like to hang out with Stephen (as he’s portrayed in the first five or ten minutes of the movie)?
I would definitely like to be friends with Stephen just because he seems to be very intelligent and he also is in a position to make a difference.

What are the ethical dilemmas that Stephen faces? What ethical issues does the film explore through Stephen’s choices? Some may argue that what Stephen has done isn’t wrong. Do you think it’s wrong?
The ethical dilemmas are that he’s blatantly lying and tell all his readers and coworkers its real. The film explores Stephens’s writings, which he portrays as real; the film also explores Stephens’s attempts at covering up his lies. What Stephen does in the movie is wrong, a writer has a duty to his readers to report the truth. People read the news expecting the truth, reporting anything else is a lie.

What ethical dilemmas does Chuck (Stephen’s editor) face? What conflicting duties does he have? Consider Chuck’s choices as editor with the ethical standards Stephen sets up for editors, and consider the conversation he has with the editor of the magazine that discovers Stephen’s article is fabricated?
Chuck faces the issue of whether to believe his writer and fight for him against anyone, or check his writing and find on your own whether the writer is telling the truth.

Stephen is very persuasive. How does he use the rhetorical appeals in his interactions with people?
When giving the story of Jukt Micronics in “Hacker Heaven”, Steven has all the facts about the company and the intricate details, which he pulls out in response to any questions. Also when he talks about the young Republican Convention he links his disgust with them by talking about them harassing an overweight woman.

After he has fired Stephen, Chuck comes in the next morning and Caitlin
confronts him about firing Stephen. Why is Caitlin angry with him for
firing Stephen? Whose fault does Chuck say the ordeal is, and what his
She thinks that Stephen is just a kid who made a mistake and that he shouldn’t get fired, and that he only lied about one article. He says its our fault because we liked him so much we allowed him to get away with lying.

Throughout the movie, there are cuts to a scene in which Stephen is
addressing a class at the high school where he went. What does this scene
turn out to be? What is the purpose of these scenes?
By the end of the movie, have your feelings towards Stephen changed?
The scene turns out to be false, and one which Steven creates in his mind. I think the purpose of the scene is to show he liked all the fame and the people who appreciated him.

After watching the interview, what do you think of the real Stephen Glass?
What do you think of the movie’s portrayal of him?
I don’t like the real Stephen Glass, I think he’s a liar and someone who profits of others emotions. He created a book about his experiences so he could make money of deceiving people for so many years. I also think he’s dishonorable and someone who should never try and show his face again.

Is Hayden Christenson’s Stephen Glass better than this Anakin Skywalker?
I thought Hayden Christenson’s Stephen Glass was better due to how well he plays the character and how well he tells the story.

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