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The issue I would like to talk about is the recent theft of several artworks made by some historically significant artists. But in today’s ever growing digital technology I think its still good to see that stupid people are still stealing things. It seems like today we worry about identity theft and cyber crime and worry less about physically theft and physical crime. I for one like to know when im getting robbed instead of finding out two weeks later when my bank account is drained. The three-armed robbers broke in and stole four paintings valued over 163 million dollars. The problem is that those four paintings are very well known and are going to be almost impossible to sell. They are highly publicized and anyone who has is likely going to go to jail for a long time. So when you really think about it stealing a really public item is really worthless. A really smart criminal would have never done this, but one who is not would have likely done this. A smart criminal would have ordered 10,000 dollars worth of things over the Internet. I would rather have a stupid criminal than a smart one any day. It’s always easier to catch one than the other.

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