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I also learned today that Iraq has a designated timetable for the removal of US troops from Iraq by 2011. You know the shit is deep, when you overthrow a maniacal dictator and install a puppet government which overshadows the peoples interest in order to further your own agenda. And then after having followed your form of government and surviving the continued and constant bombing and destruction of their country, the son of a bitch of a president and his people say they want you to leave so they can get shit done on their own. What a traitor, we should probably hang him to, because we definitely do not desire to have a leader oppose use, becasue god forbid a leader actually leads his people.

Today tried to get into an organic lab class. Which is basically impossible at this school. What kind of university structure allows their to more seats in a lecture class than their are lab seats. Wouldn’t the learning process for theses difficult and necessary classes be improved by merely supplying the same number of seats in both.

I also learned today that Iraq has a designated timetable for the removal of US troops from Iraq by 2011. You know the shit is deep, when you overthrow a maniacal dictator and install a puppet government which overshadows the peoples interest in order to further your own agenda. And then after having followed your form of government and surviving the continued and constant bombing and destruction of their country, the son of a bitch of a president and his people say they want you to leave so they can get shit done on their own. What a traitor, we should probably hang him to, because we definitely do not desire to have a leader oppose use, becasue god forbid a leader actually leads his people.


My hopes, my dreams and whatever comes at me. I say these words to help myself get through difficult times. I say these words ease my pain. I say these words to comfort my soul. I say these words to tell myself there is nothing to fear. In saying these things I forget that their will always be difficult times, I will always feel pain, my soul will never rest, and fear will always try and consume me. I fight against the pressures and temptations but eventually I realize that I am just a man and that though others tell me I have no limits, I realize I do. I cannot fight forever for a day will come when I will no longer be able to hold back the urges and I will succumb to the temptations that encompass my mind and body. I fear this day not because of what may happen, I fear it because I will have finally lost control and that is my fear. It f eels as though the walls are closing in and the only choice I have is to climb, but in climbing I have left myself alone. I cannot climb down for it is too far, I could let go and it would become the end, or I could continue to climb. I fear the day I cannot continue to climb. I fear the day I lose control. My greatest fear is the day when I lose hope, because all the other which will follow.

Famous and project Ideas

My blog this week is about Steve. Steve you may or may not know was the former stage handler for the Jerry Springer show. When the show aired Mr. Springfield would bring up provocative and disturbing issues about family affairs and many other topics. On countless occasions fights would break up and Steve would be called on to break it up. He would battle drug users, obese men and women and prostitutes. He always broke of the fight no matter how large or how small the person. You didn’t watch Jerry Springer to hear someone complain about his or her lives you did watch in the hopes Steve would be called and would have to fight someone. Steve is the reason shows like Jerry Springer became popular. Steve was a testament to the original reality television. Since the decline of the Jerry Springer show many other shows have claimed the spotlight. But I would like to make a memory of Steve and his legacy by creating a video game. In the video game Steve will be the main character and protagonist. He will challenge everything from obese men and women to drug users who gain special abilities because of their use. Steve will have to protect the image of the show by fighting these villains. In each level he will face many different characters. This may seem of the charts but the purpose of this game is to pay homage to a great man who was an original
character of reality tv.

My idea for project 2 is to discuss the ethics of journalism. today we see a great deal of misappropriation of funds and political scandals but some how the media fails to report these things. The question is are they failing or just not trying. My research has shown that many of the major media circuits do not research hard hitting stories to sell their newspapers and their magazines, instead they save money and regurgitate the same information the government is presenting us. so when we hear the government say something we don’t believe, but when we hear the media say it we believe them because they have had a previous history of presenting us the truth. But in the last several years this has been happening less and less. Some attribute this decline in representation t the current administration, but others say that its purely from a business perspective. By just repeating the government reports and statements they no longer need to investigate and pay large amounts of personnel to find hard hitting news. One you start thinking economically instead of ethically, it changes everything.

How do you feel about Stephen in the beginning of the movie? How does he interact with his coworkers, and what do his coworkers think of him? What do you think of him as he’s telling his coworkers the story about the hacker?
When the movie first introduces Mr. Glass I feel, as though, he is an inspiring writer who can even make the dullest story attractive. He interacts with his coworkers in a fluid way he knows a great deal of them but when the attention of the conversation changes to him he some how manages to wiggle is way out of it. I think he gets a real satisfaction from his work and he is very concise and descriptive of the situation.

Would you like to hang out with Stephen (as he’s portrayed in the first five or ten minutes of the movie)?
I would definitely like to be friends with Stephen just because he seems to be very intelligent and he also is in a position to make a difference.

What are the ethical dilemmas that Stephen faces? What ethical issues does the film explore through Stephen’s choices? Some may argue that what Stephen has done isn’t wrong. Do you think it’s wrong?
The ethical dilemmas are that he’s blatantly lying and tell all his readers and coworkers its real. The film explores Stephens’s writings, which he portrays as real; the film also explores Stephens’s attempts at covering up his lies. What Stephen does in the movie is wrong, a writer has a duty to his readers to report the truth. People read the news expecting the truth, reporting anything else is a lie.

What ethical dilemmas does Chuck (Stephen’s editor) face? What conflicting duties does he have? Consider Chuck’s choices as editor with the ethical standards Stephen sets up for editors, and consider the conversation he has with the editor of the magazine that discovers Stephen’s article is fabricated?
Chuck faces the issue of whether to believe his writer and fight for him against anyone, or check his writing and find on your own whether the writer is telling the truth.

Stephen is very persuasive. How does he use the rhetorical appeals in his interactions with people?
When giving the story of Jukt Micronics in “Hacker Heaven”, Steven has all the facts about the company and the intricate details, which he pulls out in response to any questions. Also when he talks about the young Republican Convention he links his disgust with them by talking about them harassing an overweight woman.

After he has fired Stephen, Chuck comes in the next morning and Caitlin
confronts him about firing Stephen. Why is Caitlin angry with him for
firing Stephen? Whose fault does Chuck say the ordeal is, and what his
She thinks that Stephen is just a kid who made a mistake and that he shouldn’t get fired, and that he only lied about one article. He says its our fault because we liked him so much we allowed him to get away with lying.

Throughout the movie, there are cuts to a scene in which Stephen is
addressing a class at the high school where he went. What does this scene
turn out to be? What is the purpose of these scenes?
By the end of the movie, have your feelings towards Stephen changed?
The scene turns out to be false, and one which Steven creates in his mind. I think the purpose of the scene is to show he liked all the fame and the people who appreciated him.

After watching the interview, what do you think of the real Stephen Glass?
What do you think of the movie’s portrayal of him?
I don’t like the real Stephen Glass, I think he’s a liar and someone who profits of others emotions. He created a book about his experiences so he could make money of deceiving people for so many years. I also think he’s dishonorable and someone who should never try and show his face again.

Is Hayden Christenson’s Stephen Glass better than this Anakin Skywalker?
I thought Hayden Christenson’s Stephen Glass was better due to how well he plays the character and how well he tells the story.

The issue I would like to talk about is the recent theft of several artworks made by some historically significant artists. But in today’s ever growing digital technology I think its still good to see that stupid people are still stealing things. It seems like today we worry about identity theft and cyber crime and worry less about physically theft and physical crime. I for one like to know when im getting robbed instead of finding out two weeks later when my bank account is drained. The three-armed robbers broke in and stole four paintings valued over 163 million dollars. The problem is that those four paintings are very well known and are going to be almost impossible to sell. They are highly publicized and anyone who has is likely going to go to jail for a long time. So when you really think about it stealing a really public item is really worthless. A really smart criminal would have never done this, but one who is not would have likely done this. A smart criminal would have ordered 10,000 dollars worth of things over the Internet. I would rather have a stupid criminal than a smart one any day. It’s always easier to catch one than the other.


One current event, which has caught my attention, is the current investigation into the Pfizer commercial sponsoring Lipitor. Dr. Robert Jarvik creator of the artificial heart endorses the commercial for Lipitor. You’ve all undoubtedly heard one of Dr. Jarvik’s commercial endorsing Lipitor as the drug of choice and showing him perform rigorous activity which gives a great deal of credit behind the commercial. Some parts of the commercial and Dr. Jarvik’s role are coming under criticism from congress and are now being investigated by a congressional committee. The committees main concerns are that Dr. Jarvik is shown endorsing the drug, but that he currently doesn’t practice medicine, which keeps him uninformed about current medicine. Also as a doctor his specialty was not in cardiology, which doesn’t really give him the knowledge and inner workings of the heart. If you were having heart trouble you wouldn’t just go to see any regular doctor to have your problem fixed you’d go to see a cardiologist because that’s his specialty. Another concern about the commercial shows Dr. Jarvik rowing a boat. He says that Lipitor allows him to take up rigorous activity such as rowing. Actually the part of the commercial, which features Dr. Jarvik rowing a boat, is actually done by a stunt double. Dr. Jarviks entire role in this commercial is somewhat inaccurate. Because he’s a doctor and also creator it gives the audience the appeal of ethos when really his credibility in this matter is not much. It’s almost like having a company, which makes tires tell you which brand of oil to buy. Dr. Jarvik role in these commercial is somewhat dishonest and diminishes the integrity of all others in his field.

The topic I would like to talk about is the current writers strike occurring in our entertainment industry. The current strike involves The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the entertainment studios that create television shows, movies and almost all aspects of our entertainment industry. These entertainment studios create capital by paying to produce a movie or a TV show and then distribute and sell it for profits based on a writers script. Writers get paid for the scripts they create for TV shows and movies. Recently the entertainment studios have discovered that a great deal of their shows and movies have been pirated on the Internet. To combat this loss in profit the entertainment studios created websites were online viewers can watch shows for free, and the companies receive profit from the online advertisers. The large corporations have also started selling movies on websites like Itunes and Amazon for immediate download. At the beginning of the third quarter of the fiscal year these entertainment studios boasted about how the profits from this new program had bolstered revenue and create enough profit to lift the price of shares by a great deal. Upon hearing about how their work was generating more profit, writers demanded that they be fairly compensated, but the entertainment studios refused to agree. Currently members of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have lost over 106 million dollars in revenue. While, it is has been calculated that the entertainment studios in Los Angles are losing 20 million dollars a day. This loss in overall profit is because neither side wants to back down. The writers currently have more to lose because their wallets are not as deep as those of the studios. For now it’s just a waiting game to see who can stand in the boiling water longer. My hopes are with the writers because you shouldn’t let anyone muscle you out of what is yours.

You Have Read This!

Todays Discussion

In today’s class discussion we discussed the needs of the less fortunate. We asked ourselves whether we would give a dollar to a homeless person. I myself would not give a dollar to a homeless person primarily because it is just not worth it. The California homeless Coalition reports that one in every five of the homeless suffers from a severe mental disorder. These disorders range from Alzheimer’s to schizophrenia. Having one of theses disease causes a person to become paranoid and delusional and create hallucinations. By chance what if you were to try and help a homeless person by giving a dollar and intern he or she were to attack you. You would be putting yourself under a great deal of risk, just to give someone a dollar. I also wouldn’t give one of the homeless money because I don’t trust them, it is reported by the CHC that close to 66 percent of homeless people suffer from some form of addiction. These numbers provide us further proof to the skepticism and concern we have when we reads the signs of homeless people begging for money so they can buy food, when really they probably want to buy liquor or some kind of drug. My greatest reason for not giving a dollar to a homeless person is because I don’t believe them. I once saw an entire family on the corner of a street were a father held a sign begging for money to help feed his family, seeing this my fried rolled down her window and offered a few dollars to the man. The next day we went to eat at a local restaurant, and there we saw the same family out of their ragged clothes and with clean faces eating dinner with four other people. He even paid for the entire meal. This display of betrayl and deceit has caused me to not allow myself to give them any money for whatever reason. Don’t take my skepticism fear as me being cold hearted or even heartless, I have just been burned so many times I refuse to stick my hand back into the unknown to only be burned again. I instead donate through web pages that are being sponsored by a state or that of the national government. I don’t like being deceived and I would much rather give twenty dollars instead of just a dollar if I just new it was getting into the right hands.

Americas Greatest Hit

For this blog I chose to write about a television program, which I have been trying to pitch for many years. The creative thought behind the show is that American culture is built around people getting hurt, as American we love to see people get hurt. This would explain all the great deal of support that boxing, UFC and wrestling. The shows name would be face punchers we pick a certain number of people and ask them if they will sign an agreement to be punched into the face for a sum of five thousand dollars at time of punch. The catch is that the punch can come at anytime. My idea for the first victim is for him to be punched while he’s ordering food, we wait for him to order some food preferably Chinese’s. Then we send in and Asian American employee to go in and give the victim his food and when the victim goes into reach for the correct amount of money we punch him. Imagine the laughter and hysteria, which would surround the show. Everyone would want to be on the show. Of course we would make sure the punch would not hurt the person very much. So the first season of the show would be the punchings of random people then we gear the second season to punching low level actors of which the everyday audience has herd very little of, this would definitely cause their careers to shoot up. The actors would probably get more money but the show would still make a great deal of profit from the blitz of advertisers. At the end of the second season we would pick a somewhat known political figure and then have him punched in the face but we wouldn’t tell him and we would build this episode up so much that the ratings would go though the roof. Regrettably this would probably be the end of the show but man what a ride it would have been. So the question you should ask yourself is, would y

Politics and Money

Political Analysis

I analyzed the presidential campaign of governor Mitt Romney; Mitt Romney campaign is one, which is gaining political support and momentum in the upcoming presidential primaries. His advertisements do provide all three of the things necessary to a compelling argument. As a republican candidate his appeal to ethos is done primarily by his commercial stating that he solves problems which were thought be impossible, he saved the Olympics, is known as a business legend and that he is a Republican governor who turned around a Democratic state. The last statement really pushes the authority into the minds of viewers because it appeals to both democrats and republicans. The last statement says to the people that he can get democrats to become republicans and make a state function in a cohesive manor. The advertisements appeal to pathos comes in to forms words and music. The music played in the background gives a patriotic feel to the message that Mitt Romney is trying give. The other form of appeal to the element pathos is through fear. Mitt Romney invokes fear in us by saying that we are being attacked by the Jihad and the Asian economies which threaten the United Sates, that our Government is spending to much which could overall end in our downfall and that to many of our schools are failing children. Theses things said one after another gives a feeling of fear and terror about the way in which are country is headed, but then Mitt Romney says that he can change all of that. Romney’s final appeal is the element of logs and this done through his speech about how laws should be written by the people and not by unelected judges and that he will work to make this a free American were the people are truly free. Overall I think the advertisement was fairly good and well worded and executed.

Economical Analysis

I chose to write my blog on the current turmoil, which is occurring the American economy. Few days ago the markets hit their lowest point in more than ten years, this drop in monetary values and a slowing economy are all caused by one thing. This drop is caused by war its as simple as that. Almost all wars in the last century of American history have been followed by a small or deep recession or depression. A previous example would be during the first gulf war when George Bush senior was in office. Following the end of that war their was dip in the American economy, which was the last recession. The American economy is a juggernaut which previously controlled all other world economies, which is primarily why the worlds most used currency was previously the US dollar. This is beginning to change at the current pace were headed, it is speculated that London, England will be the Center of all the worlds financial markets and that the British pound will be the foremost currency in the world market. If we do not control this crisis then surely it will be the downfall of the American way of life.

Ethos Logos and Pathos

1. Authority- is a sense of control, which does not actually have to have control but the image of control. Authority is built up of trust, which is given to the writer through the belief that the writer is confident and has a higher understanding of the subject matter.

Emotion- are the thoughts and feeling, which are revealed when something invokes drastic feelings. All people share emotions, they allow us to connect with one another through feeling we have.

Logic- the mental reasoning which uses evidence and explanations to careful reach decisions. Logic is the thought process we use to make decisions and is comprised of emotions and ethics.

2. To appeal to the readers trust in authority uses statistical data and evidence uncovered through research. Authority is added through confidence. Once the reader trusts you as an authority figure.

3. A good way to appeal to the reader’s emotions is by making a connection and sympathizing with the audience’s values, beliefs and worldviews. If you are an advocate for better gun control laws, a good way to appeal to the audiences is by providing a connection with the audience by giving them information about the deaths of underage children by improper gun control.

4. Using a heavy emotional appeal sometimes makes the audience forget about the argument or claim at hand. An example would be if you were trying to advocate relief for world hunger, by showing a person dying of starvation.

5. A way you can use logos to build a strong argument is by appealing to the audience’s intelligence. Logos can be used to provide a reasonable argument by providing evidence and specialized kinds of explanations. Logos is very important in an argument due it being attached to emotion and authority and logic is the glue, which holds the other two appeals.

6. No, ethos, logos and pathos they are not separate from each other. By appealing to the emotions of the audience it allows them to emotionally invest in the argument. By appealing to the authority, it allows the audience to believe there is a sense of authority, which causes them to have confidence in you authority on the subject matter. Appealing to the audience’s logic allows you to control the way in which they reach decisions. If the audience believes in the authority of the writer they will listen, if they believe in the emotional appeal they will care and if the confide and believe then they will agree with the logic.

Essay Analysis

The Perfect Body Could Be Detrimental to Our Health

Colin Milner

In The Perfect Body Could Be Detrimental to Our Health the author uses a combination of the three appeals in an eloquent manner, which allows the writer to approach the audience and challenge their preconceived notions. The writer argues the point that everyone ages and the focus shouldn’t be to change our physical appearance but to change our inner health. The essay uses ethos, logos and pathos to change the decision the audiences make on matters of the body.

The writer use of ethos comes in the form of providing statistical data about the belief of Americans age 50 and older on anti-aging products. The use of statistical data in this essay allows the writer to make the claim that most Americans are willing to consider the use of some sort of anti-aging product. This use of statistical data makes the reader believe that the writer has superior knowledge of the subject matter and therefore it allows the audience to have confidence in the writer’s authority.

The writer’s use of pathos is done through the appeal to the emotions of the audience by giving the image of obese people who try dangerous surgeries and can possibly die from it, just because they want to seem healthy.

Making the statement “We can have a great exterior but still develop heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes, and depression” makes the writers appeal to logos very effective. The statement approaches the audience’s logic by saying that though you can try and seem healthy by trying to seem younger your still not younger and are able to develop disease that can kill you.