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Michael Crichton Thoughts on Religion

Part 1

1. A claim is a statement made which asserts a certain point.

2. Support is the backing or push behind something. In regards to a claim support is the evidence, which substantiates the claim.

3. Evidence is information, which corroborates the statements made through the claim.

4. Explanation- a method in which you give a reason behind evidence or to make understanding evidence easier.

Part 2

1. Crichtons view of the world is somewhat true in parts of how evil it really is. He has a sadistic view of world and only sees the bad, but he forgets the great things that have come from the many scopes of life. His belief in religion stuck out to me. He says that even some of the educated are even atheist.

2. His tone in the essay seems somewhat argumentative and convincing. He is very passionate about the topic and instills this passion and understanding about the topic to his readers. His purpose is to get the audience to empathize with his feelings and ideas.

3. Crichton’s main claim is that we must make a decision on whether the threats of we face are real or not, and whether the solutions given to us will benefit us in any way. He gives facts about how second hand smoke is not as dangerous as we are led to believe.

4. Crichton supports his claims by merely saying that they are from high ranking credible science journals. He doesn’t have any evidence to shoe he just says that it’s true and if he wanted to prove he could but he doubts it would do any good.

5. Crichton does not cite his sources because he doubts that very few people would be impacted by the references. I do not accept this because I initially believed in all the things he initially broke down and said were false. How does he know how things will impact people? I think it hurts his argument because you need evidence to support your claims. He says things, which shake the foundation of which we have been told for a long time. Yet he doesn’t provide any proof.

6. His argument is strong in that we shouldn’t believe everything we are told. His argument would have more support if it had evidence.

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